Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Newest Man Of Steel Trailer Gives Answer To Question, 'Are We Alone In The Universe?'

For a moment I was about to say that I am lost for words... But then again I have to share this piece of heaven that Zack Snyder has given to us in the form of Man of Steel movie. Call it shallow, but the latest Man of Steel trailer has undeniably brightened my day.

Dear Zack has been known to direct a pass-then-fail-then-pass-again movies in his career. That is why I am very happy because after Zack's Sucker Punch, which for me is a fail, Man of Steel, which is next line, would hopefully be a pass -- not only a pass, but a big hit. I am definitely crossing my fingers for that one...

Here's the trailer for you to experience, so you know what I mean. Watch in awe and in a heart-beat-raising fashion the newest trailer of Man of Steel:

I'm definitely gonna watch Man of Steel on its international release on June 14, 2013.