Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kernel's Library: Everyone, Meet The Purple Emperor

The Purple Emperor by Herbie Brennan Book 00083: The Purple Emperor by Herbie Brennan

- The Purple Emperor

First Publication:
- 4 October 2004 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

- Herbie Brennan became Ireland's youngest newspaper editor at 24 and since then has had considerable experience in journalism and advertising.
- Herbie Brennan has had a lifelong interest in the occult and trained in Qabalah for 12 years.
- Herbie Brennan is a highly competent hypnotist and also an I Ching practitioner. He has experimented successfully with occult therapeutic techniques.
- Herbie is also working intermittently on a new book for tweenagers (streetwise, savvy 9 to 12 year-olds) called The Book of Impeccable Posteriors. He describes it as 'a love story with devils' and says it was given to him by his Mother-in-Law in a dream. The mind boggles.
- Herbie's repackaged Faerie Wars quartet - which includes the final volume in the series, Faerie Lord - is selling strongly in U. K. and Irish bookshops countrywide.

Among the most exciting multi-plotted stories, this one is of my top favorites. The bizarre imagination of the faerie world, where danger lurks in every corner, is highly sophisticated. A plus points for this book is the hilarious and non-fake funny moments, making you laugh by your self. The flashbacks add to the mystery of the story. This sequel to Faerie Wars is as good as the first one. All the trademarks that made the Herbie Brennan's books enjoyable are also present in this one. So if you are in for an exciting read, don't forget to buy a copy of this book.

Short Summary

Henry Atherton, his faerie prince friend Pyrgus, and Pyrgus's fearless sister, Holly Blue, return in this fantastic adventure to save the Faerie Realm from the evil Hairstreak and his henchmen, Chalkhill and Brimstone.

With the help of forest faeries, some silk mistresses, a sewer-dwelling creature of unknown dimensions, and additional creatures magical and otherwise, the three intrepid young friends find their way from exile back to the home they all would die to preserve and protect.

Good friends Pyrgus, Henry, and Holly Blue thought they'd defeated the leaders of the Faeries of the Night, Hairstreak and his henchmen, not to mention the demons they'd raised from Hael. But when Henry finds himself on the other side of the Blue Fire Portal and back in the land of Faerie, everything has changed. Hairstreak has resurrected Pyrgus's father, the murdered Purple Emperor, in order to control the entire Faerie Realm. This zombie is not the father Pyrgus and Blue loved. Now his body and mind are enslaved to Hairstreak, and Pyrgus is no longer heir to the throne.

While Henry struggles to find his friends in this suddenly unfamiliar world, Pyrgus and his fearless sister, Holly Blue, are stripped of any power they might have had and banished to far-off lands. Not knowing who or what might greet them upon returning to the palace, they must find their way back to the palace and salvage what they can - with any friends they might find along the way, and by any means possible.

Grade: A