Thursday, August 29, 2013

Christina Aguilera Collaborates With Fans In New 'Let There Be Love' Music Video

Ok, Queen Xtina is busy and we get that. But is it acceptable for her to release a music video using video montage of her fans? Well, of course yes!, especially if this is a chance for her to thank people who placed her on the pedestal she is on right now.

Let There Be Love by Christina Aguilera

Some of the fans got a shot on less than 30 seconds of fame. This is yet another simple and pure way to both excite fans, promote music and show the world that having a busy schedule is not reason enough for us not to be creative. So, whatever the haters say, scoot off.

Watch Christina Aguilera thank her very supportive fans in Let There Be Love music video (a.k.a. home video).

Let There Be Love is the sixth track on Christina Aguilera's seventh studio album, Lotus. Honestly, this one of her songs that she is not over-singing and belching, and my already broken eardrums is happy for that, same with the critics who positively reviewed this nice song.

Did you spot Nicole Richie, Matthew Rutler, Max Liron Bratman, Christina Milian and Chris Mann as they made some cameo appearances on the video?