Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rainbow The Hippocampus Gets The Spotlight On The New Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Clip

Being a son of Poseidon has its own perks and benefits and Tyson may as well put that to use. In the latest Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters movie clip, Tyson finds a solution to their water-travel problem by employing the help of a Greek mythical creature called the hippocampus, especially named Rainbow.

Riding a hippocampus is very well a new experience for Percy Jackson. How glorious could that be? It's not everyday that you get to see mythical creatures in the real world, much less go have a ride on one of them. In short, I am simply jealous of the experience. I hope they make a Percy Jackson theme park just like that.

Watch the new Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters clip below

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters "My Other Boat Is A Hippocampus" Clip

Here's another clip that might get you excited on your seats.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters "The Escape" Clip

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is now showing in theaters near you.