Friday, August 16, 2013

Listen To The Comeback Single By Jesse McCartney Entitled Back Together

While the girls are having a cat fight of whose gonna be the come back queen this season, Jesse McCartney is stealthily making "a little, nice noise" of his own. Step aside Lady Gaga, step aside Katy Perry, and you too, Avril Lavigne, because the King of the moment is making his way.

Back Together by Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney has just recently released a new single entitled Back Together. This new single was released under an independent label, Eight0Eight Records. It's been five years and the new goods that's been coming from this singer has surely been worked hard for.

Listen to the full glory of Back Together by Jesse McCartney.

Updated: If you wanna sing along with Back Together by Jesse McCartney, here is the song's lyric video.

This new groove is certainly an eargasmic experience to mine ears. I actually missed hearing his voice lately and this new single just reignited an old new feeling that's been sleeping, been dormant for a while.

Sorry JT, but Jesse McCartney just own the winning spot right now. Better up your game and hurry releasing your sequel to The 20/20 Experience, because if not... This effortless soon to become hit has just made a mark on me.

The new single Back Together by Jesse McCartney is now available at iTunes.