Thursday, August 15, 2013

Study: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be 61% Worse than the Original (Infographic)

Based on a statistical study of some of the movies since 1960s, sequels do become worse in terms of revenue and critical response. It is very much summarized in the following infographic courtesy of Nerd Wallet.

Study of Movie Sequels

If you think that Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was bad, it was expected so based on this study. The movie received from critics a rating of "F" and if we are to use the calculations used in the study, the next film in the series will be much worse. In numerical figures, it’ll earn a 31% rating – 61% worse than the original.

This is the result found in the analysis of all major film series released since 1964. Reviews from the critics and revenue at the box office are broken down to pin down the diminishing returns of sequels:

The first film earns a 70.8%
Second: 51.6%
Third: 48.8%
Fourth: 39.2%
Fifth: 36.8%

You can read more about this study on this article at Nerd Wallet.