Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Finally! Listen To The Full Audio Of Dark Horse By Katy Perry Featuring Juicy J

Since Katy Perry became the temporary DJ of iTunes Radio, Dark Horse has been available to US subscribers who have one of these most coveted Apple products (the glorious iPhone). Unfortunately for those who are outside US, or the ones with no iPhones for that matter, we only have to read about some reviews, only turning our annoyance and excitement tenfold.

Don't fret no more. Thanks to Vevo, we, the unfortunate public, can now enjoy the full audio of the next juicy song from Katy Perry, featuring the equally Juicy J. What would I do without VEVO? This is like a luxurious privilege only the elite could avail, right?

We can now listen to the full audio of Dark Horse by Katy Perry, featuring Juicy J.

Dark Horse is the sixth track from the upcoming album by Katy Perry called Prism. This is what you call music, everyone. Although it is bordering to the sensual and sexy, that makes it even more a must listen. We rarely hear Katy Perry do a suave and slowly smooth tune that stirs something inside the belly of every listeners -- that's as far as I am concerned.

Come along and play with the magic this song evokes to its listeners. Aren't you forced into a trance-like mode when you listened to this lovely song, because I certainly did. This song is actually a refreshing treat after most music singles released by artists and singers right now border on the noisy, beat- and stamp-inducing tunes.

The album Prism by Katy Perry is expected to hit music stores on October 18, 2013.