Friday, September 6, 2013

The Wait Is Unbearable: The Counselor Starring Michael Fassbender, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem & Brad Pitt

From the first sight, it is a usual story about an ordinary lawyer, who breaks his vows in the chase for a snatch and gets caught up in some criminal schemes, related to the traffic of a fantastic amount of drugs. Naturally, there are some menacing and dangerous villains, the power and bloodlust of which has no description, and terrible secrets, the disclosure of which threatens with some dire consequences. So what is it? The new masterpiece by Ridley Scott, "Counselor", due out at 25th of October, will most likely respond even the most demanding images of the work of cinematic art. The author of "No Country for Old Men", Cormac McCarthy wrote the screenplay for the "Counselor" and this fact by itself alone suggests that the film will surely be worth special attention. Trailer of the "Counselor" reveals only the key moments of the story line and does it pretty niggardly, so we can only guess, but the basis is extremely promising. In the memory of the recently deceased brother, Tony Scott, Ridley Scott seems to have surpassed himself.

The Counselor

Unsurprisingly, the Counselor has a story of a tender and bland, yet very unhappy love, the illusion of a happy life, which is not destined to ever come true, an odd and unfaithful friendship and, of course, dashed hopes and dreams. The "Counselor" would not have anything so tremendously amazing in it, if not for Ridley Scott and his impeccable status of a great director, for Cormac McCarthy and his reputation as a talented writer, and, evidently, for the actors who has been chosen for the leading roles. The hapless counselor, who has been mercilessly betrayed by his fate, is performed by the matchlessly handsome in his dispassionate manner Michael Fassbender, his naïve sweetheart is tremendous Penelope Cruz. Other characters are not yet completely identified because of the mysterious trailer of the "Counselor", but the reputation of the actors speaks for itself. On the secondary roles wicked Ridley Scott has chosen none other than Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem and Cameron Diaz.

We rarely see in the cinema an undeniable work of art. There will always be snobs or connoisseurs, who will say that this is plagiarism or bad taste. However, there would hardly be a single person who will come out of the cinema hall on October 25th unhappy or unsatisfied, because the “Counselor” is about to be amazing.