Monday, September 30, 2013

James Blunt Releases Live Piano Version Of Face The Sun

The songs from James Blunt's upcoming album, Moon Landing, have been satisfying so far. It's his usual blend of ambient music with straight to the point lyrics that could melt everyone's wall or guard of protection. He and his song are so down to Earth and relatable that you'd almost immediately love them.

The artist has released yet another eargasmic song from his upcoming album and it's performed live, to boot. Add some element of heart wrenching piano and lyrics and I am sold to the core. Here is real music for you, so enjoy the new track entitled Face the Sun.

Watch and listen to the live performance of Face The Sun by James Blunt.

In case you don't know, Face The Sun will be the very first track from the album and it's produced by Tom Rothrock, who also produced most of his songs from the said album. It was composed and written by James Blunt and Steve Robson.

Grab an official copy of Moon Landing during its international release on October 18, 2013.