Sunday, September 1, 2013

Goldfrapp Releases Second Short Film AKA Music Video Of Annabel, From Tales Of Us Album

Drew fist came as a refreshing masterpiece from Goldfrapp, whom we have waited for so long before she could release another gratifying album in the form of Tales of Us. The album is a 10-track ambient package with names of persons for track titles.

Now the second song to be featured in a line of short films from the artist is Annabel, the second track from the said album. The film aka music video is described by Nowness as a tale of "a young, androgynous boy [who] explores his femininity through a hoard of trinkets hidden in the undergrowth..."

Watch the new short film aka music video of Annabel by Goldfrapp. The video is directed by Lisa Gunning.

Tales of Us by Goldfrapp (short for Alison Goldfrapp) is expected to be released on September 9, 2013. I can't really wait for the entire album to be released already.