Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Legend of Korra: Can You Guess Who is Amon? Here are The Suspects

The Legend of Korra

Updated: (1) The real Amon has been revealed! Head over to the end of the page if you dare. (2) Check my guess at the end of the post with some evidence (I failed with guessing).

This coming Saturday, June 23, we will finally be able to witness the two-episode season finale of the first book of The Legend of Korra, a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender TV animation series. The first book or first season entitled Air will have 12 episodes all in all. Sad to say, we will not be having three books for this series with more or less 20 episodes each just like the first one.

This is because legend of Korra will only run for two seasons with more or less 13 episodes each. Production is underway and we will only have a total of 26 episodes. Bummer, right? But despite its very rushed production, rushed because there are sometimes continuity gaps between episodes, I still love the series and wanted to know the real score.

In the meantime, who do you think is Amon? That is the big question season one is trying to egg us all:

Who is Amon?

He or she could be anyone from these suspects, or not:


Unknown Republic City Civilian

Hiroshi Sato

Chief Lin Beifong

Fire Lord Ozai



A Thug From Triple Threat Triad


Or could it be unknowingly:


Updated: The Real Amon has been revealed. You could find out for your self... Watch the finale episode of Legend of Korra here or head over to the end of the page.

As for me, here is what I think about: Do you ever wonder why Amon's face and hands are covered? To hide the arrow marks. Just compare the height, the build, the posture. I just really hope Aang is not Amon.

Also, it was previously revealed that Amon's eye color is this:

Compare it with adult Aang's eye color from faded flashback scene:

I am just guessing here of course, but take a pick of your own and let's see if your choice is really the man -- or the woman -- behind the mask of Amon. Find out the answer on the two-episode finale of The Legend of Korra on June 23, 2012. Hopefully there will be not much of cliffhangers since we will have to wait too long again for Book Two. Trivia: Amon will not be the main villain of the next season.

Ok, if you really insist. Here is Amon:

His name is Noatak, brother of the former-Councilman Tarrlok and the son of Yakone. Click on the image to reveal his real identity, since the image above is another fake identity of Amon, with make-up and all.


Anonymous said...

I think the first season was a good start to the Legend of Korra. The fight scenes were spectacular - battle dancing for all. :) Noatak's reveal was unexpected, but it makes sense after the backstory. Lolz, I bet Pabu is the mastermind behind it all. XD

Kernel's Corner said...

It's a pity they have to do each season with more or less 12 or 13 episodes only. The mythology of the modern world of Avatar isn't really touched. That's what usually makes shows classics -- the mythology and it's application to the present circumstance of the characters.