Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kernel's Library: The Dragon Blood Runs in His Veins

Worm In The Blood by Thomas Bloor Book 00058: Worm In The Blood by Thomas Bloor

- Worm In the Blood

First Publication:
- 7 July 2005 by Faber Children's Books

- The book is followed by sequels, Beast Beneath The Skin and Heart Of The Serpent
- Bloor is an old Anglo-Saxon name that literally translates as 'swollen blister'.
- Thomas Bloor is often confused with another writer called Thomas Bloor, an academic who writes books on linguistics, often with his wife Merial.

- The 2006 Calderdale Children's Book Award
- Short-listed for the Bolton Children's' Book Award
- Short-listed for the Highland Children's Book Award

Years passed and the list of books on my to be read books also grows in number. And sadly this book is one of them. I was only able to read the book up to the part where the main characters alludes about losing a loved one in a terrible fire...

Description from the author's site:

Worm in the Blood is the first book of the A Metamorphosis Trilogy that continues with Beast Beneath the Skin and concludes with Heart of the Serpent.

Worm in the Blood introduces Sam Lim-Evans, a 14-year old boy preoccupied with ordinary teenaged problems until he finds his life transformed by a mysterious birthright, something that has lain dormant within the very fabric of his DNA, until now.

How Sam tries to cope with these involuntary changes forms the heart of a story that balances brooding realism with painful fantasy, to powerful effect.

Sam's family are cursed with a dark and terrible secret. A secret that has its origins in a remote island off the coast of China and has haunted every generation of his family for hundreds of years.

Now the curse is about to claim Sam as its next victim.

It starts with an itchy rash that spreads all over his body. Then the feeling of something changing within him, coming alive. And why has he become obsessed with the marshes and their cool, muddy waters? Why has he stopped seeing his friends and going to school?

As rumours begin to spread about sightings of a sinister creature on the outskirts of town, Sam is forced to face a horrifying truth. One that could destroy him . . .

To be read...