Friday, November 16, 2012

Glee Gets A Superhero Makeover And Comic Book Treatment In Dynamic Duets Episode

Glee Season 4

We haven't even taken a breather yet after seeing the sixth episode of Glee Season 4, but we already have in our hands some nice stuff from the next episode, which is entitle Dynamic Duets. For some reason some of the cast will be portraying imaginary superheroes that are unknown to us.

Most probably they will have to play the caped crusaders when the New Direction members try to take back their stolen National's trophy. Add into the background the drama of the two glee club members battling over for the affection of unworthy third.

Updated: Watch with glee the new teaser trailer for Dynamic Duets episode:

How would the writers incorporate both this theme and the song numbers into the story, no one really knows. For the meantime, I present to you the Glee cast in their full superhero regalia courtesy of EW:

Melissa Benoit as Woman Fierce
Samuel Larsen as Tarantula Head
Chord Overstreet as Blonde Chameleon
Blake Jenner as Mega Stud
The Mega Studs
Heather Morris as The Human Brain
Jenna Ushkowitz Asian Persuasion
Lauren Potter as Queen Bee
Becca Tobin as Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale and Woman Fierce
Darren Chris as Nightbird
Jacob Artist as Mega Studs
Kevin McHale as Dr. Y
Vanessa Lengies as Sweet n' Spicy
The Human Brain, Tarantula Head and Sweet n' Spicy
Dynamic Duets pits the glee members into a superhero duet, continuing the saga mostly away from Rachel's Big Apple adventure. McKinley is on the spotlight right now and its high time for some of the not-so-new comers to shine... let Rachel Berry go and have a break for a while!

Episode 7 will be aired on Thursday, November 22, 2012 at 9:00 PM ET. Watch it on Fox.