Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kernel's Library: The Fanged Demons of the Ocean

Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean by Justin Somper Book 00053: Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean
by Justin Somper

- Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean

First Publication:
- 6 June 2005 by Simon and Schuster & Little Brown

- Justin was dubbed “The Next Big Thing” by Sunday Times Magazine while, in Waterstone's "Harry Potter Report", the chain’s buyers selected Demons of the Ocean as their top recommendation for fans of Harry Potter.
- The author has written Vampirates: Dead Deep, an exclusive short story created for the 2007 World Book Day. The events in this short story occur between the end of Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean and the beginning of Vampirates: Tide of Terror.

- Shorlisted for 2006 Bolton Children's Book Award
- Birmingham KS3 “Explores” Book Award
- Solihull Children’s Book Award
- Runner-up in the North East Children’s Book Award
- Shortlisted for the prestigious Red House Children’s Book

This work of fiction is so engrossing. Some authors covet to have created this idea of merging Piracy and Vapirism into a story and I believe that they are right to do so since the Vampirates book are warmly embraced by the readers. This good read will make your blood curdle and leave you breathless. What would you do if you or your sibling is taken to a pirate ship manned by vampires...

I’ll tell you a tale of Vampirates,
A tale as old as true.
Yea, I’ll sing you a song of an ancient ship,
And its mighty fearsome crew.
Yea, I’ll sing you a song of an ancient ship,
That sails the oceans blue…
That haunts the oceans blue.

Well, if pirates are bad,
And vampires are worse,
Then I pray that as long as I be
That though I sing of Vampirates
I never one shall see.
Yea, if pirates are danger
And vampires are death,
I’ll extend my prayer for thee –
That thine eyes never see a Vampirate…

…and they never lay a hand on thee.

Copyright © Justin Somper


Vampirates is a colorful extravaganza with a wildly eccentric cast and lashings of swashbuckling adventure, punctuated with horror and old-school romance.

Conor and Grace are twins, recently orphaned after their widowed father's death. Rather than being adopted by the town's busy-bodies, they decide to set sail for new pastures in their father's last single possession, his sailboat. But a vicious storm capsizes their boat, and the twins are separated. Two mysterious ships sail to their rescue, each picking up one twin before disappearing into the mist. Conor wakes to find himself on a pirate ship and is soon being trained up with a cutlass. Meanwhile, Grace finds herself locked in a darkened room, as the vampirates wait for night to fall and their feasting to begin.

Determined to find each other, yet intrigued by their new shipmates, the twins are about to embark on the biggest adventure of their life.

Grade: A