Tuesday, November 20, 2012

'Moonshine' Over Bruno Mars And His Unorthodox Jukebox

Bruno Mars

The alpha gorilla (as what the cover art of his next album implies) is back and he's stronger than ever. Gorilla, I mean Bruno Mars, has returned from a very long slumber with the nicest early Christmas gift in hand. His next album called Unorthodox Jukebox may have been scorned by some fans because of its very few number of tracks, but we now know the reason why. The songs are just too good to be true.

I haven't even recovered from the extravagant bliss that Locked Out of Heaven has placed me into and here I am again overwhelmed by the next song released from his upcoming album. Moonshine, the fifth track in the album, has been released to satisfy your voracious hunger....

Listen to this incredible music that only Bruno Mars could mix-up for you:

The song will surely make you feel alive. There's no wonder why his album has only 10 tracks all in all, because he is giving his all... his best. Bruno Mars certainly knows how to rock the airwaves with his spine-tingling music. It's a pity that they are as always directed to his female listeners.

For any of you who's interested, here is the cover art of the single:

As what many people say, Bruno Mars write songs that girls wanted to hear, while Taylor Swift write songs that girls wanted to say. They have a point there... That is maybe why I am starting to wonder why I loved both Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift when we know for a fact they're market are mostly girls.

In my defense, there's no harm really if one's decided to tap on the softer side of music. As long as it's good music, I don't care if it's intended for a gorilla or an alien. I just wanted to enjoy and good music would give me just that. Don't mind what other people, especially the haters, would say...

Buy your own copy of Unorthodox Jukebox on December 11, 2012.