Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stephenie Meyer: The Host A Possible Trilogy And Busy On Writing The Second Book

Stephenie Meyer

Having not finished reading The Host yet, I always thought that it was much better than The Twilight Saga just because I was convinced it's only a single book. But then because of the upcoming release of its movie adaptation, Stephenie Meyer might have just broken my heart with her recent revelations.

Stephenie Meyer revealed in an interview with Regal Entertainment Group that the original plan for The Host is to actually make it a trilogy. Meyer said that's what she's trying to work on now, even if it's a slow process. She also vaguely added that the subsequent books would more likely be released "some time this century." And when asked if she's half-way through writing the second book, she just nodded with a knowing facade.

Jump to the last quarter (3:10) of this video to watch Stephenie Meyer discuss some details on The Host trilogy:

The second and the third books in question were said to be titled The Soul and The Seeker, respectively. The titles were revealed as early as 2008, when she did Q&A sessions on Twilight Lexicon events. Confirming the validity of the titles, here is what she said during an MTV interview:

"I hope [to write Host sequels]. If I were to continue on with The Host, which is a possibility, there are characters and stories that could continue. ... If I went ahead with that, it would be two more. ... Next would be The Soul, and then The Seeker."

If this is going to push through, I do have the feeling that the next book in the trilogy will be out before the hype on The Host movie adaptation dies out. It would be practical and an easy marketing for Stephenie, if you ask me. I also believe that she was done writing it and in the process of polishing the story, just keeping it ready when the right moment to release it comes.

She was actually almost done writing the second book, if her 2008 interview is still valid, but we'll have to keep this a secret, won't we?