Friday, November 16, 2012

The Wildfire Trilogy By Karsten Knight Will Burn Out With A Flashy And Cool Afterglow

Karsten Knight

Every Karsten Knight fan should cheer up, because the final installment of the Wildfire series is almost here to continue Ashline Wilde's rise to power. Just as a teaser for Afterglow, which we will have to wait for until November 12, 2013 (see the pattern 11-12-13), the cover art for the final book in the projected trilogy has been released for your scrutiny.

Author Karsten Knight gave a few insights regarding the creation and design of the book cover. He said that Simon & Schuster's Laurent Linn did all the art and design of all three books, which actually feature real flowers. And in the case of Afterglow, Laurent had fresh plumeria flown in from Hawaii. Now how's that for a trivia?

And after a couple of editing, airbrushing and polishing, here's the final Afterglow cover art:

Every flame can be extinguished.

According to Knight himself, Linn told him and a few other confidants each book's story. And I quote, "Each flower also parallels Ashline's journey in that particular novel:

"The lone black calla igniting in a field of ordinary lilies, just as Ashline experiences her own awakening as a goddess amongst mortals in Wildfire."

Every flame begins with a spark.

"One orchid struggles not to succumb to the primordial, earth-rending chaos around it, just as the scheming of a villainous trickster tears Ashline's world apart in Embers & Echoes."

Every flame casts a shadow.

"And finally the plumeria, still burning bright against the smoldering remains around it, just as...well, I guess you'll have to wait to read Afterglow to get this connection."

In less than a year every fans will be able to complete the Wildfire Trilogy, hoping that there's still more from the series. Is the author writing some more or is he planning to take a short break before doing an entirely new series? That I don't know as of the moment. Hopefully we'll get some more updates from the author, and I'll be gladly sharing it to you.