Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Voice Top 10 Chat With Christina Milian About Their Musical Influences

The Voice Top 10 with Christina Milian

During the Top 10 rehearsals Christina Milian sneakily crashed into the backstage to have a chat with the Top 10 of The Voice Season 3. She asked the contestants about their musical influences, iTunes Library and a few revealing things that you probably don't know about your favorites.

As a preempt to the upcoming Live Shows she also asked the contestants some hints about the songs they're going to perform. Their answers were a lot of a tease actually, because they were not revealing much details, but you'll probably be surprised with some of the intimate details they'd revealed about their selves.

Get to know the artists and singers who influenced your favorite contestants:

Melanie Martinez Is A Grandma's Girl

Sylvia Yacoub' Diva Influence

Dez Duron Is Into K-Pop?

Cassadee Pope and Her Backstreet Boy Crush

Cody Belew's Cassette Tape

Amanda Brown, A Rihanna Fan

Trevin Hunte Studied With Whitney Huston Songs

Bryan Keith: Father and Son Bonding

Nicholas David: Awesome

Terry McDermott And His Nice Accent

Bonus: The Funny Outtakes

Catch the Top 10's live performances on Monday,  November 19, to be followed by the slightly revised elimination process on the 20th. Expect Jennifer Hudson to be around the show, as she'll gonna have a special performance.

The Voice US airs on NBC at 8:00 Eastern Time.