Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vintage Photos: A Glimpse On The Past Of The City Of Love (Iloilo Cityscape And Heritage Sites)


My grandmother used to tell me stories of the past. Most of the time she lingered on the tragic incident of the Japanese invasion that scared the hell out of me as a child. When we do good she rewarded us with stories of how pleasant and serene everything was -- a period where nothing's too expensive, the air and rivers were not polluted and gadgets, like cellphones, mp3 players and iPads, were unheard of. Simple living was the height of her existence by then.

These stories trigger some blurry images within that I couldn't fully grasp with my limited resources of imagination. I always wanted to travel back through time to experience in flesh the things she were talking about. The contemporary times might be very acceptable, but it is in the past that I wanted to live. It's as if I am trapped in a time, where I can't really fit in...

Thankfully I unearthed this treasure trove of vintage photos of my homeland. My dreams are somehow fulfilled even if I could only experience the past in the four corners of these pictures. Let's travel back through time to explore the wonders of vintage Iloilo:

The Bell Tower of Jaro Cathedral, boasting a solid and unimpaired foundation

Miag-ao Church still photo-worthy as ever

The Old Spanish Tower in Arevalo

Bishop's Palace in Jaro alone in what was now a crowded plaza

Iloilo City's Custom House

Even then the Eastern Seashore of Iloilo was teeming with residents

Iloilo residense vintage style

The humble beginnings of Iloilo Golf Club in Sta. Barbara, the first in Southeast Asia

Iloilo High School

Looks scary to me...

The facade of Janiuay Cemetery

The Kalesa

Vintage residence of the Ledesmas

Masonic Temple and Plaza

Nelly's Garden in Jaro

Palace and Eagles buildings with less traffic

Philippine National Bank with vintage cars around the area.

Plaza Gay and Calle Ledesma

Iloilo Provincial Building

The serene environemnt of the old Provincial Jail

Salt plantation in Molo

Santos Residence

St. Paul's Hospital did not need high walls then

The jeep, I say the jeep!

The local kariton

Sail away with this vintage sailboat at the port

Did you enjoy the trip back through time? I'm actually glad that these scenes were captured on film, since it's most likely that we're not going to experience this anymore. As the city grows and progresses many of its historical aspects are also gone. Let's help preserve these heritage even through these pictures alone. Who knows, your children's children might also wonder how the past looked like and these pictures could be just you saving grace.