Tuesday, August 13, 2013

James Blunt Drops New Moon Landing Album Cover Art And Official Track Listing, Head Shot Rules

What's with the eerie facial or head (profile) shots, that Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne and now James Blunt are using it as a mode in their recent album covers. Personally, these kind of cover art feels a little too claustrophobic for me.

James Blunt, for that matter, has released a new cover for his upcoming album entitled Moon Landing. This cover, which is dominated by a black backdrop, features a skinny looking Blunt, who looks like he is about to spill or reveal something. And those eyes, they just draw you near!

What's your thoughts of the new cover of Moon Landing album by James Blunt.

Moon Landing by James Blunt

Moon Landing Official Track Listing:

1. Face the Sun
2. Satellites
3. Bonfire Heart
4. Heart To Heart
5. Miss America
6. The Only One
7. Sun On Sunday
8. Bones
9. Always Hate Me
10. Postcards
11. Blue On Blue
12. Telephone
13. Kiss This Love Goodbye
14. Hollywood

I am not quite sure about the name of the font that is being used in the album, but this is quite the first time that the artist used such a techie style on his album covers (yeah I know you would say that he don't usually have a branding on he type face and font styles). Just look at the nice touch of a foot print to represent the letter "i" in the title.

The lead single has been revealed to be called Bonfire Heart, which will be officially released on October 7, 2013. But if you are interested you can listen and sing along with the lyric video of the said song.

You can also listen to the unplugged version of Miss America, the fifth track from the album.

Moon Landing by James Blunt will be released on October 18, 2013 at the earliest. it is currently available for pre-order here and here. Know more about other album formats here.


Spot a Leopard said...

Sounds interesting. I like the Astral-esque theme of the album, much like Dido's Safe Trip Home but with a male voice.

Kernel's Corner said...

This should better be good, since it is long time in the waiting. But so far the lead single, Bonfire Heart, is giving me eargasm.

Thanks for stopping by.