Sunday, July 28, 2013

'An Ode To The Moon' (Old Story From Previous Blog Written Exactly Four Years Ago On July 28, 2009)

An Ode To The Moon
I looked for the copy of my old journal a.k.a. blog circa Friendster and was able to find some stories I made during those times. I am not quite sure why I did this, but somehow I wanna see how my life was, tried to compare it with the present and what I discovered was a little shocking for me.

A Look Back At The Past: July 28, 2009


It was raining cats and dogs that night and I made every effort to cling myself to my bed for comfort. With a great struggle, I opened my bedroom window to see how the dark world outside the four corners of my seclusion fared.

The wind was whistling like a shepherd on his way back home and the trees were dancing to music only they can hear. Everyone is silent, except for the snore of my tired Uncle next door.

It was dark and chilly, so I wore my jacket. Still, the cold seeped into my skin, drenching it with moist air. Maybe everyone felt the same way as I did, shivering in the cold wind of this rainy nights [sic]... A naughty picture of cuddling couples came to mind. With a smile, I let the thought go.

And then the unexpected happened. The shimmers of the rain softened and the clouds parted to reveal the moon...

Or was I just mistaken... it was the sun that welcomed my eyes with its blinding light. My body shivered that has nothing to do with the cold anymore, but with shock. It was still in the middle of the night and this morning star just arrived 6 hours earlier.

I asked my self again and again how could this come to pass, but no straight answer came to mind. I was baffled and confused. Was this one of nature's weird and mad phenomenon.

The only thing I remember that time was how happy I was earlier that day and until that moment. I looked with questioning eyes... on that lovely 'midnight sun' and the confusion somehow turned to joy, a feeling contentment. [sic]

As I become entangled with this joyful feeling that giant ball of flaming light followed suit -- it became brighter. It lifted my soul even more, confusion and the old hint of fear now gone. It enlightened my mind -- yes I really thought so -- in any way possible.

Then, it struck me like a battering ram. This heavenly spectacle was not the sun after all as I thought it was. But the moon. The moon that I always see at night. The same moon that guided me through the dark night. The one moon that I send all my wishes.

Only it shined the brighter tonight... for it reflects the pure light of happiness that was emanating from deep within me.

Living The Present: July 28, 2013


I wish I could go back and say these exact words, experience the same happiness, and exhibit this equally rewarding naiveté and innocence to life. I wish...

Disclaimer: I am no great writer, nor I am trying to be. This was an entry from my old online journal.