Monday, July 15, 2013

Listen & Watch The Music Video Of Drew By Goldfrapp, From Upcoming Tales Of Us Album

Goldrapp has just released a hauntingly beautiful single from her upcoming album, Tales of Us. The single, which is entitled Drew, is accompanied by a music video that is equally melancholic, haunting, sensual and a bliss to be listened to.

This song exactly reminds me why I love this artist so much. This is so much like the music with ambient quality that a few of us used to drool over with in her Seventh Tree album.

You can watch and listen to Drew by Godfrapp below.

In conjunction with the release of her new album, Goldfrapp with be releasing some music videos ala short movies. According to her youtube account the album trailer and all films are co-created by Alison Goldfrapp & Lisa Gunning. They are also written, directed & edited by Lisa Gunning.

Under Mute Records, Tales of Us is scheduled for release in the United Kingdom on 9 September 2013.