Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Watch The Music Video Of Red By Taylor Swift, Give Meaning To Love, Passion, Heat and Anger

Love and passion are two emotions I certainly can't relate now more than ever. Neither are heat and anger since these are a derivative from the first two. But, of course, everyone's favorite, Taylor Swift, certainly knows hows to play around these four as evident from all of her songs.

Taylor's latest video isn't really something new, because if you've been to almost all of her concerts then the scenes would have been familiar, if I am not mistaken. The music video for Red is a montage of some of the clips from her concerts which centered around her live performance of the same song.

Watch the music video of Red by Taylor Swift.

Red, as you well know, is the title track of Taylor Swift's fourth studio album. It's the second in the list of tracks and the fifth single from the album.

What to you think is the song next in line for a music video? I am guessing it's Everything Has Changed, since it will be the next single to be released on July 16, 2013. So timely for this month of July, because I am certainly convinced that everything is about to change for me.