Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Winter Is Coming... To The Tropical Islands Of The Philippines

A recent weather news has shattered any foundation of known beliefs. Yesterday, July 24, 2013 to be exact, the southern parts of the Philippines experienced a phenomena that is rarely encountered in the area. For 3 straight hours, starting 8 o'clock in the morning, these undivulged areas were left at the mercy of a heavy snowfall. And how do nature cope for something it is not equipped with? Nothing actually, that is why tons of tropical crops have been destroyed.

Watch the very rare snowfall happen in the tropical Philippines. Some possible explanations follow after the video.

Here are a few funny, yet feasible, personal musings and reasons why this phenomena may have occurred.

Hoax Alert: Maximum Level

Many are still screaming that this phenomena never actually happened in the purported location and may have been taken somewhere else. Notice that there's no specific location mentioned only that it happened in the Southern part of the Philippines. This could possibly be the ash fall that happened last May. Notice there's no local buzz for this phenomena?

But then, again, we see a banana that is only native to tropical areas. The original video of the snowfall offers no further explanations and also uses the 'I think' phrase which may signal for a hoax. The internet these days could be a great avenue to spread misleading information either to confuse, seek popularity or create havoc.

We have read incidences of blood rain in some local Philippine areas, as well as fishes falling from the skies, but at least they were proven, or disproved, to be chemical and natural anomalies in the atmosphere or caused by a waterspout. Until we can be ascertain of the details of the news, we cannot rest and be contented that snow has really fallen in the Philippines.

Ancient Alien Machination

I have been watching Ancient Aliens aka Ancient Astronomers in the History channel for quite some time. In one of their episodes it said that aliens have the capability to control the weather, giving them leverage to wreck havoc and destroy parts of Earth, if needed.

It was stated there that once these Engineers, as what they are called in the movie Prometheus, noticed something off on how humans lived (from what we are originally designed) -- overpopulation, fornication and war -- these aliens either use nature and disease to eliminate these treats. The Black Death, Bubonic Plague, Sodom and Gomorrah annihilation, Fall of Atlantis and such.

Human nature is undeniably troublesome at times and Filipinos are no exception. Using this theory, is this a sign that we are about to be destroyed because we are not doing the right things that are expected from us? For how can you destroy a tropical country other than exposing it to the other extremities of weather, one that we are not equipped against with...

All High Fantasy Stories are Real

In most apocalyptic High Fantasy novels and stories, winter or other bizarre weather conditions have always been a device to eliminate human kind. George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time and Tad Williams' Shadowmarch are just a few of them that use this plot line.

For what if these stories are real? What if what we thought as fantasies are actually happening right now, unknown to us all since these events are cloaked ala Rick Riordan's mist in the Percy Jackson series? Real life is stranger that fiction indeed, and this one phenomena may as well prove that.

If we are to consider this theory, then we may still have hope, for although mankind does not necessarily win at the end, it has shown and proven his worth that it was somehow pardoned by the unknown enemy, although crippled at the end.

Government's Technological Testing Ground

This could very well be related to the Ancient Aliens theory, but instead of having Extra-Terrestrials as culprits we have our fellow human beings who sits in power to blame. This doesn't necessarily mean our own government, but it could be any other country's.

If you are watching Under the Dome based on Stephen King's novel, this might be a little to familiar. New technologies need some kind of testing before the final reveal, where the full potential of the device will be put to use.

Think of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, because the device was not tested properly it somehow backfired on the community of the inventor. This could very well happen if these life changing technologies, like this snow-creating machine, are not tested in lower powerage and capacity.

Side Effects of Climate Change

Last year you might have heard that Earth shifted from its axis by a few centimeters after a strong quake in Japan. The world's weather is very much affected by the Earth's position, distance from the sun, rotation and revolution. Any slight changes on these may lead to devastating effects.

Add to Earth's natural changes our bad habits of destroying nature, changing how it works and playing God, then we get so much as a Climate Change. These are now the effects of our generations and generations of neglect. Nature is just taking its revenge on us.

It might be a little nice to have snow in the Philippines from time to time, but what if these conditions worsened and multiplied? Are we ready to deal with it? This may take a few more hundred years, but is that reason enough that we continue our neglect for nature? How would our future generations fare if this happens?

What are your thoughts? Are there anymore possible theories that you think might have lead to this phenomena. Please share no matter how far-fetched and bizarre it may sound.