Thursday, July 25, 2013

Watch The Latest Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters Clip And Sneak Peek Featurette

In two weeks time, the anticipated Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters movie will finally invade the big-screens and everyone's excited to see if it's worth their bucks or not. Audience will be torn of course, because some are die-hard, word-for-word purist fans who wanted nothing more than the original material as it is.

But for some, this movie adaptation permits the movie-makers to some artistic freedom, making the movie a more enjoyable ride. What will be the judgment of the majority? Will this adaptation live up to its hype and match the fame of Rick Riordan's Sea of Monsters novel?

For now, watch the new Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters clip released at MTV.

Follow that up with these new sneak peek featurette detailing a few of the monsters form the movie.

This featurette was released over 4Music, and it serves as a survival guide to some of the biggest monsters in the film, as well as snippets of the film's stars.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters will hit theaters on August 7, 2013.