Sunday, July 21, 2013

Can You Feel The Heat? (A Review On The 2013 Comedy Movie, Starring Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy)

The movies about cops, who begin as foes and end as the best buddies while solving a mystery of an insidious crime always, had a specific place in American cinematograph and gained some significant popularity among the audience. However, The Heat trailer gives you an image of something different, a revolution in the niche of cop movies, something hot, cunning, dangerous and strikingly unusual.

The plot is simple and predictable, however a few interesting moments will catch your eye. The Heat trailer represents us to an obnoxious, ambitious and arrogant FBI agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock), who faces a variety of difficulties at her workplace thanks to her manner of talking down upon her colleagues, inability of team-working and extreme self-confidence. Special agent Ashburn sees a complex case about drug business in Boston to be her only hope for a raise. After getting her transfer, agent Ashburn collides with an unexpected problem. The problem’s name is Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy), who is a police officer of Boston’s P.D. and turns out to be the essence of fury and sassiness. She is rude, impolite, wild and unbelievably foul-mouthed, and the main problem about her is that she is local and holds her own opinions on how her neighborhood should work. When watching those two facing each other in The Heat trailer you can almost feel the heat coming from the screen. Naturally, after some time they come to understanding that their flames will work together even hotter, and defeat the bad guys.

A contrasted duo Bullock-McCarthy appears to be one the hottest and funniest impacts of this summer. Bullock is charming and snobbish, as always, playing her role of a wall-flower, who transforms to become a badass chick. As for McCarthy, her comedy genius is undeniable. Even though the image seems to be unchangeable, every role of McCarthy has different backgrounds, and, therefore, different motives for this concrete behavior, which makes us laugh our brains out. In The Heat trailer it becomes obvious, that the best jokes and the majority of the f*** words will come from her character, but it makes her no less gentle and beautiful. Surprisingly, she has about the same amount of feminine traits, as the Marlboro cowboy, but somehow she manages to turn The Heat into a heart-warming and tender comedy about friendship, values and duties. Probably, the secret lies in both of the actresses performing their roles flawlessly, managing to cover the deep and beautiful under the funny.