Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ashley De La Rosa and RaeLynn Eliminated From The Voice

The Voice

Updated: Added videos of the last chance performers and the judges' pick.

As a follow-up to last night's shocking elimination, tonight's episode of The Voice reveals to us the two other eliminated vocalists from Team Christina and Team Blake. This time around it was the public votes that influenced the results of who are going to stay and who aren't.

Having gained the highest votes from the public, Jermaine Paul, who performed Against All Odds last night, and Chris Mann, who serenaded us with Viva la Vida, gained a sure spot for Team Blake and Team Christina, respectively. This is certainly a dominion of male power, if I might add.

As part of the twist of the show, the bottom two of each team must convince the judges with their last chance performance. Who will be saved between Lindsey Pavao and Ashley De La Rosa to remain in Christina Aguilera's team? Performing Please Don't Go, Lindsey will have to contend with Ashley De La Rosa's rendition of You and I. Same fate is in store for Team Blake's Erin Willett and RaeLynn. Will RaeLynn be saved with her If I Die Young rendetion or will she be outmatched by Erin's Proud Mary performace.

Team Christina: Lindsey Pavao vs. Ashley De La Rosa
Lindsey Pavao vs. Ashley De La Rosa
After much thinking and consideration, Christina chose Lindsey Pavao and eliminated Ashley De La Rosa along the process. Many of my friends are going for Lindsey because of her overall package and singing capabilities. If it comes to looks I would rather choose Lindsey as well, no offense to Ashley, who had her fair share of appeal as well.

Lindsey Pavao ~ Please Don't Go

But when it comes to the technicality of singing, Lindsey has an advantage because of her powerfully strange and unique voice. We cannot deny that Ashley has improved a lot in her singing prowess during the entire course of the season, but that does not eliminate the fact that it is not enough to save her.

Ashley De La Rosa ~ You and I
(Notice Ashley De La Rosa in leather jacket)

I bet if the results for public votes are to be revealed, Lindsey would have toppled Ashley by much. This is all speculation from my side, of course. No matter, what really counts is Christina Aguilera saved Ashley Pavao from elimination, counting the votes or not.

According to Christina, she chose Lindsey because she always have to go with what's inside her heart. She also said that Lindsey's performance made her cry and she feels she do have a special connection with Lindsey's voice. "It was very vulnerable," she added, "and I think it could be very powerful." Although she was very emotional when she made the choice, she also commends Ashley for being "a dynamo on stage."

Christina's Choice, Lindsey Pavao
Ashley De La Rosa Eliminated

Winner: Lindsey Pavao
Eliminated: Ashley De La Rosa

Team Blake: Erin Willett vs. RaeLynn

Erin Willet vs. RaeLynn
After playing safe with his decision on last night's elimination, Blake will have to face a reality of eliminating a vocalist from his team on his own doing. His team is composed of artists with varying styles and prowess that I guess it will hard for him also to choose the one he wants to save.

Erin Willett ~ Proud Mary

If I were to choose talent-wise between Erin and RaeLynn, it would be Erin herself. She has more experience and more powerful singing voice that it just easily clouds Raelynn's nitty gritty, though unique, performance. I commend Blake for choosing talent over over-all package and this might be a helping factor for him to win the competition. Although, I was also a little sad when Blake Shelton eliminated RaeLynn from the show, because we might not see any sassy or chicky performance from here on.

RaeLynn ~ If I Die Young

But to reiterate Blake's reasons, he said that Raelynn's performance has something different, but when Erin entered the stage she most definitely outmatched RaeLynn. It was also a hard decision for Blake that he almost wasn't able to say the name immediately before the show ended.

But I guess Blake's decision is really a reflection of the shows goal: voice over looks. If it were otherwise then I might have doubted the show's claim that what they value the most is The Voice, hence the title.

Blake's Choice, Erin Willett
RaeLynn Eliminated

Winner: Erin Willet
Eliminated: RaeLynn


Now let's see what happens next week for Team Adam and Team Cee Lo. Will they still be comfortable when they will have to face the grilling pressure that the two previous judges has gone two. I bet that will remove the smiles on Adam and Cee Lo faces. Bring it on!