Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jesse Campbell & Jordis Unga Eliminated From The Voice

The Voice

Only a few episodes away from the grand finals and two talented singers were once again eliminated from The Voice: Jesse Campbell and Jordis Unga. They belonged to Team Christina and Team Blake respectively. This time around, it was not the votes of the public that eliminated them, but their coaches themselves.

This is where judges already cringe because of the tough decision they have to make since the Grand Finals is fast approaching. Lucky for Adam Levine who had the taste of glory last year, Christina and Blake are surely in for the pressure to outmatch the other Judges by choosing the best for their team.

Check out Jesse Campbell's and Jordis Unga's performances to see if their coaches have chosen wisely to eliminate them out of their team.

Jesse Campbell ~ Halo

Personally, I like Jesse Campbell from team Christina, but he so reminds us of the season one winner, Javier Colon, that is maybe why Christina Aguilera chose to eliminate him out of her four remaining team members. Jesse Campbell's What a Wonderful World performance last week almost sold me immediately. It even earned him praises from other judges, where Adam Levine was very vocal and awed by how good he was.

Most people think that Christina made a bad choice of voting out Jesse. He was one of the most talented and versatile singers from her team. That is why many were wondering if this is because he is already old enough past his prime and many even claimed it's because he is black (that's just so racist). I am not really sure what's going on inside Christina's head when she made the choice, but I could only say this: How can you fill a cup that is already full?

Check out Jesse Campbell's instant elimination:

Instant Elimination of Jesse Campbell by Christina Aguilera

Whatever is in Christina's mind by that time I am sure she only had the best interest for her team. And that doesn't have to mean that it's not gonna hurt. So far the top three artists that belong to Team Christina and who will have the chance to compete in the upcoming Semi-Finals should they not be eliminated by the votes are Ashley De La Rosa, Lindsey Pavao and Chris Mann.

Jordis Unga ~ A Little Bit Stronger

I don't wanna sound bad, but I was not surprised that Jordis Unga was eliminated from Team Blake by Blake himself. Jordis already had a taste of almost defeat after belonging to the lowest three based on public votes. Lucky for her Blake chose her over Naia Kete and Charlotte Sometimes after she performed Wild Horses on their last chance performance.

We know that Jordis is also one of the best power house singers in the contest, but Team Blake is composed of varying and unique voices from every range and genre that Blake Shelton just chose the best out of his four remaining artists. I am sure that he was using as a guide the vote results of the last week together with this week's performances for his choice. I believe he did the right thing, the very opposite of what Christina Aguilera did.

Check out Jordis Unga's instant elimination:

Instant Elimination of Jordis Unga by Blake Shelton

As of the moment Team Blake is composed of RaeLynn, Erin Willett and Jermaine Paul. Who knows who will be eliminated in this weeks poll elimination?

Check out next week the Quarter Final performances for Team Cee Lo and Team Adam. Who do you think will be voted off?