Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Blatant Manifestations and Anatomy of Discrimination


Today's society claims that discrimination has lessened over the course of the decade. It has come to believe that this once rampant stationing of strata and stereotyping are slowly diminishing to give way to a unified world where ideology, preferences, race or even gender do not affect one's view and perspective of other people.

But recent events have plainly made sure that this is not the case in which we convince our selves to believe. It may not be intentional, but discrimination has already been rooted to our genes, making us believe that we are not doing it when actually we are. Just to site some example is the events that usually happened during eliminations of some of the famous TV Shows. Should I give some examples: I might mention the names of Jesse Campbell and Jessica Sanchez. Ring a bell?

To check whether we are innocent of discrimination, which I doubt is not the case, here are some things you might want to use as basis:

Discrimination of One's Nationality, Ethinicty, Caste or Race

If from time to time we have the urge to feel disgusted or averted by other peoples skin tone, hair color, or nationality, we might need to backtrack because we could already be manifesting discrimination. Sometimes we tend to stereotype a certain race are lazy, not fit for employment or cannot be easily trusted. This is most definitely racial discriminating. We judge and react to people based on their nationality or race. It doesn't mean that if one comes from the Middle East, he or she is already a terrorist. It is a sad fact that this does not only occur in personal and subjective areas, but also evident in some countries' laws, rules and regulations.

Discrimination on Religious Affinity

We cannot deny the fact that every religion claims to be the real one sent by God. But is that enough for us to use as a reason to scorn others just because they don't have the same faith as we have. How about the ones that do not have a religion, does that make them any lesser beings? We were born to have our own will and preferences so we have the right and the power to choose our faith, or not. I know upon saying this I was like soliciting damnation according to some of my fellows, but differences in religion should not create division and havoc. It must be the opposite since all these entities are most definitely representing The One. Isn't religion supposed to be the one to guide us to achieve a better society?

Discrimination of Sex, Gender and Gender Orientation

Among all types of discrimination, this is the one that we could say is most common. Gender has been the basis for centuries of how each one of us play our roles. We have seen a lot of groups that has a stand on this matter such us sexists and feminists and any other gender-oriented group in between these two. Man and Woman (and anything in between) were created to cohabit this world in a balanced way. None should assert dominion over the others for everyone has the equal rights on living. With these in mind, we should avoid stereotyping that the other gender or sex is weaker than the other, nor patronize others just because we think their sex or gender are far superior.

Discrimination of Language and Speech

There are more than a thousand languages and dialects around the world and some countries think theirs are more superior over the other languages. But due to varying languages, people are sometimes treated differently, ranging from mild disregard up to cold harshness. This discrimination is known to some as linguicism or logocism. This may not be very common as of today, but reality states that this is still happening now.

Discrimination on Job and Employment

There are, although not so many, companies which hinder certain people from applying for jobs on whatever reasons unknown to the applicant despite being capable and qualified for the job. The reasons may not only be limited to age, sex, race, religion and any other way mankind categorizes an individual. Laws usually prohibit this act, which can be considered a hate crime in most countries and is punishable. Although there are also ways in which a company can be protected from accusation of discrimination on employment by means of setting justifiable qualifications on the part of the job taker.

Discrimination of Disability

It is most unfortunate if a person is disabled, either since birth or caused by an uncontrollable event that lead to such condition. But this should not stop one from living a life he or she deserves just because society treats or sees a disabled person differently. Being disabled does not mean being helpless. It is not only normal persons with complete anatomical facilities that should enjoy a standard living: everyone does, complete or not. This discrimination is usually adamant in situations where able ones are almost always prioritized. Experts on these matters usually call it ableism or disablism.

There are a lot of types of discrimination still and they are not limited to what are mentioned here. They could take many forms: from the not-so-obvious to the most wildly accepted ones. Try as we might, we cannot stop this prejudice because it is present in all of us as a way of nature to save the gene pool of mankind. Personally, this just sucks because reality bites.