Monday, April 23, 2012

The Voice: Pip and James Massone Instantly Eliminated by Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green

The Voice

Updated: Added Adam's and Cee Lo's instant elimination choice.

Last week, we watched as Team Christina and Team Blake were put under the grilling machine. Now it's Team Adam's and Team Cee Lo's turn to face the heat as the two respectable Judges will eliminate one member from each of their teams. But before the contestants faced their doom, Cee Lo himself performed live his latest single Fight to Win. We also got the ethereal performance of Florence + the Machines for No Light No Light together with Cee Lo's team members.

After seeing the performances of the last remaining members of Team Adam -- Katrina Parker performed Jar of Hearts, Mathai crooned us with I'm Like A Bird, Tony Lucca performed Baby One More Time, Pip performed one of my favorite songs, Somewhere Only We Know -- Adam has finally come to a decision to eliminate Pip. Same is true with Team Cee Lo, when James Massone is eliminated after performing Just The Way You Are, saving Cheesa, Juliet Simms and Jamar Rogers, who performed I Have Nothing, Cryin' and It's My Life, respectively.


Pip ~ Somewhere Only We Know (Team Adam)

If I have to mention a name of contestant that is trapped in a period of time other than now, it would be Pip. His signature bow tie and jumpers have certainly caught the attention of many (which he unfortunately ditched during his performance), but Adam doesn't think it's enough in order for him to be included in his team. His Somewhere Only We Know is good, but not that really remarkable and perfect compared with the performances of his fellow contestants. Pip's elimination is not really a surprise for me, but it's just sad since he is among the highest public vote getters last week.

Adam Instantly Eliminated Pip

After winning in the last season of The Voice, Adam is surely under pressure to maintain this position. He is definitely forced to eliminate one of his best performers. This is a sad news for Pip's fans, but I am sure he can find his own way in the music industry. Pip is still young and has a bright future still ahead of him. How I wish this disappointment of being eliminated from the show will not cause him to stop in reaching his dreams.

James Massone

James Massone ~ Just The Way You Are (Team Cee Lo)

James Massone is another chick magnet because of his suave moves and unique voice. But this time his crooning voice is not enough to save him from the show since Cee Lo himself eliminated him instantly. I don't this has something to do with James being the least performer in Green's team, but I am thinking that he maybe eliminated James since he can easily gain stardom at this stage of the competition. He is most definitely a favorite among female viewers as evidenced of tonight's and last weeks studio audience reactions.

Cee Lo Instantly Eliminated James Massone

This is definitely a good step for Cee Lo to take since he retained all powerhouse performers that surely make a bang on the stage. Cee Lo is going for a rock label with his remaining team members and their is no wonder his saved Cheesa, Juliet Simms and Jamar Rogers. But if I were to choose among these remaining three, I would certainly choose Juliet Simms. Let's just hope she will be saved from tomorrow's elimination through public votes.

Check out the follow-up for this episode's elimination process tomorrow, as two more contestants from Team Adam and Team Cee Lo will be once again eliminated, but this time it will be based upon the result of tonight's public poll and votes. Who do you think will remain and who will be fated to go home?