Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Heidi Montag's Hot "Dreams Come True" EP Cover

Heidi Montag

I was not quite a fan of EP's (or Extended Plays), but from time to time I tend buy one and check out if it's really worth listening to. Thanks to Trading Yesterday's Everything is Broken, I was able to get over my aversion towards this media platform and seemed to build a liking towards it, other than the most commonly appreciated official studio albums.

But then again this liking was even more heightened by one of the latest addition to the EP compilations when Heidi Montag allowed us to get a glimpse of her Dreams Come True EP cover. Just like her fellow The Hills star, Lauren Conrad, she is making some noise of her own to get the attention of mostly the male denomination.

Just as recent as last April 11, 2012 we have this techy-hot new cover for her latest EP:
Heidi Montag Dreams Come True EP Cover
I am not sure if she and Lauren are on competition mode showing us their almost nude pics. Despite having undergone many aesthetic surgeries, I can't deny that this 25-year old mama still has the hots to shake that thing. It would be a pity for Spencer Pratt, her partner in life, if he would be so crazy to incite Heidi from divorcing him again. That would be simply dumb, I guess.

Dreams Come True will be Heidi Montag's third extended play, so far, with a two-year gap with her official studio album Superficial, released in 2010. The EP features four of her already released songs, which include Your Love Found Me, Party Is Wherever I Am, No More and Overdosin and will be available for digital download on its official release sometime this year.

Don't buy the EP just because you wanted to have a hard copy of this hot Dreams Come True cover, but also consider buying it for the appreciation of her music.