Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You Now Know Who I Follow For My Skinny Get Up


For a skinny and tall person like me I always find it hard to look for shirts and pants that would perfectly fit me. If it's not too big it would be too short. That is why maybe there came a time where I don't bother any more if I look bad or not. It's a taxing thing to do, choosing your clothes.

I really dreamed of having European shops -- since they cater usually to skinny physiques and all -- around here for me to buy my clothes from, but unfortunately there are only a few. That is maybe the reason why, lately I opted for the not-so-rugged look of wearing white v-necks and not-so-fitting jeans. They are the ones that usually goes with my style and my yearning for breezy and weightless comfort.

So I surfed around the net to look for people, famous or not, that I could somewhat base my get-up from time to time. I was surprised that Winky's favorite amateur singer, Tanner Patrick, gets this kind of look as well, along with many others. Check it out here:

I have been following Tanner Patrick for a while and unintentionally get some tips on what to wear. He added to the looks a leather jacket, which luckily I have one at home. But I don't think I have to guts to wear the same. Anyway, here are some more v-neck get-ups I found:

Adam Levine
Robert Pattinson
Ryan Gosling
Joe Jonas
Dream on , John. Dream on. Try as you might copy their looks and all, but you are still light-years away compared with these veterans. I admit I don't really know how to make my self  look better that's why I look up to some famous people to get the simple, yet in look.