Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mathai and Cheesa Voted Off From Team Adam and Team Cee Lo on The Voice

The Voice

It seems that the male contestants are almost always lucky in The Voice. last week two gents from Team Blake and Team Christina were saved by the public. This time America has saved yet two other male contestants for Team Adam and Team Cee Lo. Both Jamar Rogers who performed It's My Life and Tony Lucca singing ...Baby One More Time got sure spots for the semi-finals for Team Cee lo and Team Adam, respectively.

Unfortunately, for the four remaining ladies they still have to perform in their last chance performances to convince each of their Judges to pick them for the save. Will it be Katrina Parker or Mathai for Team Adam? And who will Cee Lo choose between Cheesa and Juliet Simms? Two will only remain for each team and their coaches will have to decide who is deserving to move on to the semi-finals.

Check out the battle rounds for their last chance performance:

Team Adam: Katrina Parker vs. Mathai

Katrina Parker vs Mathai
Adam was really in for a hard call after choosing between the two ladies, who in the course of time gathered their own following. It looks to me that this round is a battle for age and experience. Katrina has this advantage over Mathai and that is maybe why Adam chose the former. Adam is really pressured here for sure, because he has to maintain his last year's winning or he'll have to suffer the revenge of defeat this year. That is why I really believe that he did the right thing choosing Katrina Parker to be part of his team.

Katrina Parker ~ Perfect

Aside from looking glamorous in black, Katrina Parker has finnaly hit the mark with her performance of Perfect. That is no wonder why Adam Levine picked her over Mathai, who performed her good but somehow sloppy version of Cowboy Casanova. I liked Mathai as well, but her recent performance is less than perfect as Katrina's song lyrics goes. I was very happy with Adam's decision and that's maybe the best move he could make for his team.

Mathai ~ Cowboy Casanova

No offense to Mathai, but her elimination is rather good for her in order to continue her parents' dream of her becoming a doctor. Now that she has a shot of fame it would be favorable for her to study first and finish her college. She shouldn't waste time until such time that she is ready she could come back again to being a singer. I only wish the best for her.

Adam's Choice, Katrina Parker
Mathai Eliminated

Winner: Kathrina Parker
Eliminated: Mathai

Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms vs. Cheesa

Juliet Simms vs Cheesa
It's not because Juliet Simms looked gorgeous why Cee Lo chose her but for that fact that she is one of the best performers of the night. She has definitely improved from week to week and today is not an exemption. Although I was a little sad of Cheesa Laureta's (or Cheesa for short) elimination. She is after all a Filipino who was once raised in the lovely City of Cebu, where I will be going next week.

Juliet Simms ~ Torn

Cee Lo has chosen rightly, bias aside, cause Juliet Simms could be perfect. She has the talent and the looks: the perfect package of becoming a star. Her performance of the song Torn has definitely overshadowed Cheesa's Already Gone. I cannot help but think that Cheesa's song choice is maybe a premonition of her fate in the show, which is really sad by the way.

Cheesa ~ Already Gone

In the previous weeks we see Cee Lo as being laid back and didn't even care with Christina's and Adam's brawls. I used to think he has chosen his team members because sometimes he has no choice to do otherwise or sometimes because of his co-coaches pressure. But now that we have seen who comprise his team, I do believe that Cee Lo really has the ear and the eye for spotting real talent.

I am now smiling whenever Cee Lo proves me, or the other coaches for that matter, that his team still has what it takes to become part of The Voice. They have waded their way through and proved that they really have the talent and the appeal to survive in the competition.

Cee Lo's Choice, Juliet Simms
Cheesa Eliminated

Winner: Juliet Simms
Eliminated: Cheesa


Semi-Finals is almost on its way and we have now the complete list of vocalists who qualified for the round. Who among the team members of Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Cee Lo Green will make it to the finals and finally have the chance to be called The Voice.