Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Robert Pattinson Goes Mature in Bel Ami and Cosmopolis

Robert Pattinson

After his multi-million dollar break in The Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson has become a household name among girls, young and old alike. This once shy and introverted yet very talented young lad has gained instant stardom from almost virtual anonymity. And having this fact, Pattinson has come to capitalize his asset among love struck teenagers to drooling ladies and made his way to more mature roles, of which most of his contemporaries would likely turn down.

So far we have come to know two of his upcoming roles that are tailored for more mature audience. The following are movies very different from the role moviegoers would mostly associate him with in The Twilight Saga:

Georges Duroy in Bel Ami

Bel Ami Poster
In the Bel Ami trailer, we have seen Robert Pattinson, playing Georges Duroy, seducing and sleeping around with at least three, either married or single, women. He has used his wits to slip under the pants of Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci, and Kristin Scott Thomas and salvaging some wealth to boot. For a clearer understanding of the passion, lies and heat that surrounds Bel Ami watch its trailer below:

Set in the lovely city of Paris the movie revolves around a young man named George Duroy and his quest to become a well-regarded journalist. He started out as a minor reporter and ended up as chief editor of one of the famous newspaper in France. Of course, the movie tells about what happened in between. How he utilized his wit, asset and charm to seduce women that could eventually bring him to the station he wanted in life. This social-climber of a man does not take heed whether he is doing right or wrong or even sleeping with the wife of his boss. For him what is more important is his dream and his desire to achieve what he thinks he truly deserves. This is a movie based on the book by Guy de Maupassant with the same title.

Eric Packer in Cosmopolis

Cosmopolis Poster
I haven't heard of this movie actually until quite recently it was featured in the top videos in Youtube. Seeing that it was only for a couple of seconds and that April is nearing, I thought it was a hoax and just an early prank for the April Fool's day. But see for your self and share your thoughts on the trailer of the movie Cosmopolis:

The story follows the 28-year old millionaire, Eric Packer, as he roam around Manhattan simply to get a haircut. What a slightly funny premise, right? But wait, along this journey he met some hot women, including his wife,  that he got his dibbs on and tried to do things that are considered to be way extreme, gritty and erotic that caused him some losses financially. He also experienced some set backs and delays like traffic jams, funeral parades and the likes that added more to the thrill of the story. I don't wanna sound sarcastic, but who knows what could happen in a span of a day as this story is only limited to. The movie is also a book adaptation based on the novel with the same title by writer Don DeLillo

Well there is no surprise that young stars now-a-days go for more mature roles just to seek fame. It's not a new thing actually. In fact even the once we thought who could not do it has actually already than the unthinkable, such as the female lead of The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence posing sexy for Esquire magazine.

Today's generation has accepted this reality that was once a taboo for the society and all we can do is go along with it.