Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Views and Rants On Game of Thrones: The North Remembers

The North Remembers

"The stars don't fall for men. The red comet means one thing, boy — dragons." ~ Osha

On April 1, 2012 we have been finally graced by the thrilling first episode of Game of Thrones Season 2: The North Remembers. Directed by one of my most favorite Game of Thrones director, Alan Taylor, who left us mouth-watering with the amazing dragon scene of the last episode of the first season, the series has most definitely picked up its gait, gruesomeness, style, intrigue, mystery and a multiple dose of occultism. This episode is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

My Views and Opinion of the Episode

I am always delighted to see when the villains on a certain show got a slap back on the face either from another villain or a protagonist. That is why this episode is a high one for me since some of the characters that made the life of the Stark family horrible got their own dose of pain, misfortune and disgrace. Yes! I am a fan of the Starks, rather than any other house in the Kingdoms. And this episode is a sure saving grace for this beloved family.

First off, a salute to Robb Stark! Played by the able Richard Madden, this once-just-an-heir to an estate now becomes a grown man. He has become not only the head of the Stark family, but a great King as well. The character was a revelation after being raised to the pedestal of being The King of the North. This boy has become a smart Man that serves as an icon for strategy, authority and power after asserting that the North should be free and independent kingdom from the King's Landing.

Among many other things that made the Stark family great is Lady Stark . In this episode alone she has shown as that is just another mother. That even behind her strong and stately demeanor hides a soft side that emanated from all mothers. Yes, she is a Stark and that means she has to be strong when needed, but she is also a mother who is worried for the welfare of her children.

Arya is bonus. Even if we are only able to see a glimpse of her at the end of the episode we can almost sense that many things are in store for her. It is most definitely her story line that I loved the most among the Starks. Feels like one of the main characters in one of Tamora Pierce's books. Not unlike her older sister Sansa, for whom I pour all my irritation for being wimpy. She even disowned and disgraced her family by clinging to her beloved, Joffrey.

Brandon Stark has also improved and matured a lot compared to his once lively and hyperactive version on the very first episode of the series. He seemed to have gained years in his age because of his condition and I am saying I really liked it a lot. Same is true with Jon Snow, who is slowly gaining his own rightful place in the Night's Watch. Although, its seems he is kind of lost of what he really wants in life.

In this episode, as hinted by the introduction, we see one of the new locations: Dragonstone. This is where Lord Stannis hold his residence. This ancestral castle serves as guarding post for Blackwater Bay and King's Landing from sea territories at the east coast of Westeros. This is where one of my most awaited new character also takes refuge: Melisandre, the bamboozling priestess of the estate and an advisor to the Lord of the house.

In this episode, always as brutal as it should be, we seem to get reminiscent of a biblical scene, where the Pharaoh ordered all children to be butchered in fear of the coming of the Messiah. But in the story it was the lousy and irritating King Joffrey that ordered such feat after being scared the late old King Robert, his father (?), has other children from other women.

My blood really boils for Joffrey. Lucky for actor Jack Gleeson he easily delivers the irritable character to life. I don't know why but I really hate this kid, this brat of a king. His way of ruling a kingdom includes re-structuring buildings which don't actually needed fixing. He spends and wastes time and money on combat games and such. That is why I really had a laugh that I almost shouted when he was slapped by no other than his mother. I don't like Cersei, but at that time I could almost kiss her.

This time Peter Dinklage's character really earned my respect. I used to hate him, but now it seems I am starting to like his character, Tyrion Lannister. He seems to get his fare share of whores despite his size and I don't mean to judge him because of his size. Having been appointed as The Hand in his father's stead, it seems his airs are now justifiable.

Another delight is the almost body-pain-inducing experience for Baelish. I almost liked to see him flogged and tortured. He deserves nothing more than a Royal torture for his royal treachery on my favorite characters. This man has to learn something aside from teaching his whores how to moan and have an orgasm. Somebody actually kick him in the butt, please.

Now what I most especially like about this episode is the characterization of the little dragons. The CGI for the creatures are superb, not to mention they have to interact with moving human characters and that's not easy feat in terms of special effects. I have to feel the connection between the real parts and the special effects and I say  I really felt it. The dragons are not two dimensional anymore. They have become almost real. Almost, except because of the not so convincing sounds they are giving off when they are shrieking or whatever it is they're doing when they are making sounds. May Khaleesi take care and use them well for her advantage and eventually give out a great war that we have been all waiting for.

All in all, I really liked the episode a lot, but of course it's not that perfect for it has still more room to grow. I hope the following episodes will top this one. We may have to expect some hot and fiery scenes as the trailer suggests, along with high thrills and scares. So, don't forget to watch the next upcoming episode of the season, The Night Lands, on the 8th of April, 2012.