Tuesday, May 22, 2012

American Idol: Jessica Sanchez vs. Phillip Phillips in the Grand Finale

Jessica Sanchez vs. Phillip Phillips

Check this out: Phillip Phillips wins American Idol Season 11.

The Grand finale has come for American Idol Season 11. Two of the biggest contestants of the show battle it off to become the newest American Idol: Jessica Sanchez vs. Phillip Phillips. It's the battle between the young power house diva and the chick magnet rock star. I am torn with the decision making since they are two of my most favorite. But if I let nationalism and talent wise scrutiny reign in, I will have to choose Jessica of course.

Tonight, they have performed three songs each, one for every round. They have to sing a song chosen by Simon Fuller, who is the creator of the American Idol franchise. They also have to perform again one of their most favorite performances and finally they will have to sing an original song especially composed and written for them.

To help you choose which of the two finalists to vote for, check out their performances here:

Jessica Sanchez

I Have Nothing ~ Simon Fuller's Choice

The Prayer ~ Favorite Performance

Change Nothing ~ Winner's Single


Phillip Phillips

Stand by Me ~ Simon Fuller's Choice

Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) ~ Favorite Performance

Home ~ Winner's Single

Help America decide to choose the next American Idol. The result will have to be revealed later tonight and this is just so exciting. Just to campaign for my ultimate favorite, please vote for Jessica Sanchez. It's just sad that some of the Filipinos don't want her to win... her own kin and blood, shame.