Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Justin Bieber Releases New Single, Die in Your Arms

Justin Bieber Die In Your Arms

With the release of Justin Bieber's new track Die in Your Arms, we can easily conclude that he is trying to up the scale on the maturity level of his songs. He is eyeing for the throne that Justin Timberlake once enjoyed. But I doubt that he is ready for that stance and I don't think his upcoming album Believe could place him in that position.

He is best known among younger generations and his turning to eighteen years old, which pit him on the legal age, is not really helping him. This is always the conflict young stars have to go through since the people's minds are mark by the image they first wrought and the transition they have to go through are sometimes not acceptable to all.

Listen to Justin Bieber's second single from the album Believe called Die in Your Arms:

Although, I have to commend Justin Bieber for widening the scope of his craft. Any artistic endeavor is already laudable enough that we could give him credit for that. Going back to the roots of his career, by projecting his voice, he is in for an old school feel here. This is even construed by his manager, Scooter Braun when he twitted the following:

To be released at the earliest on June 15, 2012, his upcoming album Believe will be his third and hopefully not the last. It will feature Die in Your Arms as the eighth track of the record. In the following weeks, we can expect a nice chunky music video for this one to surely boost the marketing of his album.

Check out Justin Bieber's Die in Your Arms single in its entirety as it will be released in iTunes on May 29, 2012.