Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Voice UK: Ruth Brown's Amazing Performances

Ruth Brown The Voice UK

This 19-year old power vocalist is another reason why sometimes tears fall down my eyes like dried leaves during autumn. Ruth Brown has the most sincere conviction for the show and she is baring her soul to us. I don't know but to me her vulnerability and her fragile demeanor seems to stir something within me that even heightened when I hear her sing.

She has come to The Voice UK in the hopes of offering her struggles to her late father. Flawless and superb performances always come from her and I am very happy that she got Sir Tom Jones as her coach. Come and join me as I share her timeless performances from The Voice UK, and please do prepare a hanky if you have one.

Check them out here:
Blind Auditions ~ When Love Takes Over

Battle Rounds ~ No One

Live Shows ~ Get Here

Live Shows ~ Next to Me

And here is an interview of the young star:

Help me pray that she somehow win the competition. So far she has made it to the semi-finals after the very tense episode last weekend where two vocalists each were eliminated from Team and Team Tom. She deserves to win since she has the talent to stand up and be called The Voice of UK.