Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kernel's Library: All The Knights of the Round Table

The Story of King Arthur and His Knights by Howard Pyle Book 0007: The Story of King Arthur and His Knights by Howard Pyle
- The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

First Publication:
- Copyright stated date is 1903 by Scribner, New York

- Howard Pyle may be considered as America's foremost illustrator and the Father of Book Illustrations
- Howard Pyle tutored some of the most brilliant talents like C.W. (Clifford Warren) Ashley, W.J. (William James) Aylward, Anna Whelan Betts and etc.
- His magazine and book illustrations are among the finest of the turn-of-the-century period in the Art Nouveau style

This intricately illustrated book about the Arthurian legend catches your eyes and imagination. Howard Pyle, the author of this book, is famous and influential as a preeminent illustrator during his time and his endearing and enchanting fairy tales simply proved how gifted a writer he was. And with the release of his Robin Hood adventure book he gained millions of readers as well as fans.

This lightly-textured narrative of King Arthur adventure would surely click for both young and old. The thrilling and timeless legend accompanied by masterfully crafted illustrations made this book readable. Being intended for a wider scope of reader, the narrative is simply, but sensibly, presented. It captures all the mystery, language, and legend of the early days of King Arthur.

The story covers the early tales of Arthur, starting with Merlin's prophecy up until his identity was discovered by performing the Miracle of the Sword, then moves on to Arthur's winning of his Queen. The collection also includes the highly amusing stories of Merlin, Sir Pellias, Sir Gawain and others, each adding a portion to the bigger picture of the Grail Lore.

The journey back to the Arthurian period brought by this exquisite work is nonetheless a classic. I was greatly fascinated (as if I was child again) by chivalry, magic, and the unforgettable drama of medieval times. How I wish to relive the ancient times of Kings, knights, wizards and most of all the timelessness that exudes in the story.

I was once again transported to my younger days as my mature age never hinders me from reading children's story -- with mature lessons. Once again Howard Pyle displayed his unique talent for capturing and stimulating the imaginations of the young and of the young at heart.

Grade: A+