Sunday, May 6, 2012

On Justin Bieber's Boyfriend Official Music Video and How it Redeemed the Sloppy Song

Justin Bieber

After shamelessly professing that Justin Bieber's Boyfriend single is a sloppy mess, I was quite certain that he is about to make up for this through its music video. If he could not somehow do that then I guess it's about time for him do some better songs in the future.

Personally, I was quite open-mouthed when the music video debuted on The Voice. Fans were able to see large chunks of the official music video and get to watch Justin on the show live. Trending topics on Twitter skyrocketed to focus on Bieber and this music video premiere.

Unfortunately that was still incomplete and there's still a lot more to be seen. Check out the official music video of Justin Bieber's latest single, Boyfiend, in full:

I have to say that this music video really lived up way beyond my expectations. I was adamant at first, since I was lambasting the previous teasers for this music video which showed up online sometime last month. I was egging for more after seeing the moving light effects and disembodied hands.

But after seeing the video in its entirety, I was once duped. Duped to think that the upcoming video would be lousy when in fact it is great partly. To list some of the scenes that I liked: the water scene, the slow motion analogue speakers and the all out facial shot of the singer.

As I said it was great partly and I have to explain why the rest sucks, really. The Bruno Mars hair effect is very distracting for one. And it's just not that great to show off under the heat of the sun on one of the suburbs where he and his buddies hang out.

We get to see the cocky side of JB and his laid back moves. The editing of the video suggests that he does car drifting which he doubt really does. What was he doing with his guitar in a hip gang up? Although I have to say that showcasing some vintage cars really does catch some attention.

I hope JB would reconsider on the direction of where his music career is heading to. Taking little steps back would do him a little good. If he wanted to maintain his fandom on the younger spectrum maybe he needs to do some songs just like in his previous album. And forget about the coming-of-age phase that he wanted to emphasize.