Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phillip Phillips Wins American Idol 2012, Jessica Sanchez Comes in Second as Runner-up

This is another breathtaking triumph for America as they have to decided who to pit as this year's American Idol.

After combining the Judges' scores and the public votes, the American Idol Season 11 winner is no other than Phillip Phillips, leaving the runner-up spot for half Filipina, half Mexican girl wonder Jessica Sanchez. This is certainly an early Christmas celebration to all Phillip Phillips fans. But unfortunately I couldn't say the same with Jessica's fans, friends, kin and supporters.

The result was a record breaking number of votes for American Idol history reaching upto 132 million votes. Check out how the announcement of winner came about:

I was really hoping that American Idol history would be broken by placing a non-pure American as the winner. Black Americans has barely scraped it off and made it as champions, how much more for Asians or Mexicans. Personally I was happy for Phillip Phillips, but the sadness about Jessica Sanchez's loss overpowers me.

Jennifer Holliday & Jessica Sanchez
perform And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going

So the question of what comes next for the winner I am not really sure. At least we know for a fact that most winners of the show haven't made it long so far. Where are the previous winners? I hope this pattern will not befall Phillip Phillips. You may say I am a little bitter with the result of the show, but I am just stating an obvious thing here.

John Fogerty & Phillip Phillips
perform Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

John Fogerty & Phillip Phillips
perform Bad Moon Rising

Jessica Sanchez, my ultimate favorite this season, may have not won, but she is still a winner for me. I am looking forward for Jessica's music career in the coming months. She has after all the talent that could help her survive this career. Whatever direction she's going to take, I am supporting her.

Jessica Sanchez & Phillip Phillips
perform Up Where We Belong

That was a very emotional finale for this season's American Idol. I wish Phillip Phillips all the best, because he is one of my favorites as well. Congratulations and hope to hear from you and your album anytime soon. And as for us American Idol fans, see you again next season.