Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kernel's Library: Ride Along The Divide Bandwagon

The Divide by Elizabeth Kay Book 00016: The Divide by Elizabeth Kay
- The Divide

First Publication:
- May 2003 by Scholastic

- Elizabeth wanted to become an author since she was four years old! She started making up poems before she went to school, and as soon as she could write she
was making up stories as well.
- She has won several awards, including the Cardiff International Poetry Competition for a sestina "Pond Life" and the Canongate Prize for her short story "Cassie".
- Being an avid wildlife enthusiast, she has travelled extensively to places as diverse as the Ivory Coast, Borneo, Iceland and India.

- White Raven Prize, Bologna Book Fair, 2004
- Stockton Children's Book of the Year, 2005

The fact is I can't get enough of reading so I try to read books for teens, classics, high fantasy and any other genre. I wanted to get a dose of my young-reader side and The Divide simply filled the spot. Actually I bought the first two books of the trilogy at the same time and I read them continuously. Let's focus with the first book at the moment.

In The Divide, Felix and his parents decided to visit Costa Rica, probably their last holiday together as Felix has a severe heart condition and does not have long to live. They went to the mighty jungles and as Felix straddles The Divide, he passes out, and wakes up to find himself in another dimension.

It is exactly the opposite of our world as humans are considered mythical and magical creatures, like griffin, elves and the likes, are the real ones. Here he met and befriended a spirited tangle-child, named Betony, and together they set out to find a cure for his illness, and the way back home.

Snakeweed, who is a japegrin with big ideas; ruthless and unscrupulous, soon discovered Felix's existence in their world. There he planned that he must at least capture Felix and discover what this "Mythical" being can offer. With the aid of his devil-hyenas - known as sinistroms - he executed his dirty work, and finally discovered that Felix's world was an untapped market for magic.

With the helped of many different creatures Felix and Betony obstinately pursue their quest in this strange world... Will they ever find the answers to their dilemmas? You should find out for your self by reading the book.

Grade: A