Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Author of Where The Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak, Dies at 83

Maurice Sendak

It is always a sad business for me whenever an author dies. That is why when Robert Jordan, author of The Wheel of Time, died before he even completed the series or even David Eddings' death due to old age brought about depression and tearful episodes to me. And now we heard that another great author and illustrator, Maurice Sendak, died just a few hours ago at the age of 83.

Sendak is better known as the author and illustrator of Where the Wild Things Are, which gained him a Cadecott Award in 1964. He has recently published a book titled Bumble-Ardy, which I believe he haven't yet enjoyed the acclaim it would get in the future. Reports says that early in the morning of May 8, 2012, he died due to complications caused by stroke.

For those who haven't seen his works yet, here are some of his great and bizarre illustrations:

This is simply too much for any of his fans. Especially now that he have gained more followers when the movie adaptation of his famous Where the Wild Things Are was released in late 2009. Maurice Sendak's death just reminds us that even if the spirit art is almost eternal, the artist isn't.