Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Florence + The Machine Spectrum Official Music Video

Florence + The Machine

Today is most definitely a day for music video releases. Just earlier today Keane released the music video for Sovereign Light Café and it was a lifesaver of my miserable day. Now, after Florence + The Machine released the music video for Spectrum at Vevo, I am quite at peace, or not. Florence has always delighted me the first time I heard her in her very first album Lungs.

The second album, Ceremonials, has exceeded my expectations when it was released on the last quarter of last year. The music videos that accompanied her singles and tracks has been very strange, bizarre, graphic and iconic, which is really in for my taste whenever I am looking for something Gothic or psychological. The music video for Spectrum, directed by David LaChapelle, is no exception.

Check it out here to see what I mean:

The first time I saw the video, it reminds me instantly of Annie Lennox's No More "I Love You's". But of course that is not a bad thing, but a compliment actually. Florence Welch has definitely made a version of her own, which is really much better. This bizarre and outlandish video that features ballerinas and Egyptians just accentuated her red locks, which is really mesmerizing to the eyes.

This is so far the fifth single from her second album. We will be able to enjoy the release of the single on July 2, 2012. I am pretty sure this 5-minute long frenzy of musical outburst has still many to offer in it's final release. Also, if you are interested of watching the behind-the-scenes of Florence + The Machine music video, you could watch it here:

Now, I have to admit I have also enjoyed the behind-the-scenes. Although, I have to say there is really no surprise already for Florence + The Machine music videos since they are expected to be like the one posted in here. The only danger that the singer has to go through is the tendency to be at the plateau should the next video not be able to outmatch its predecessors. But for now I have to be contented with the music video of Florence + The Machine's Spectrum until the next one arrives again with a grander idea on it.