Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Voice UK Finals: The Final Four and the Hateful Reactions

The Voice UK

Come June 2, 2012 and we will be able to witness the very first grand finals for The Voice UK. Just a few days ago we have seen how UK decided the turn out of the results night of the fifth live show during the semi-finals. And they have chosen one artist from every coach that will battle it off in the Finals.

The Final Four weren't who we expected them to be. Two gents and two lovely ladies will move on and for the first time, unlike the The Voice of US, the artist of each team will perform a solo number, a duet with their coach and their best song of the series. Who among the teams -- Team Will.I.Am, Team Jessie, Team Tom, or Team Danny -- will make it and be named as The Voice of UK.

Let's check them out:

Team Jessie: Vince Kidd

Vince Kidd performing Back to Back

It's not Vince Kidd's fault, but I just don't like him very much. He reminds me of a person that I used to know. Because of that I pre-judged his voice and his talents. I can't stand the sight of him since it triggers a very bad memory within me. No doubt Vince has a very wide range from the high-pitched falsetto to the booming bass, but then, I again I still can't bear to like him -- every inch of him.

Vince Kidd, The Voice UK
I would have chosen the lesser of the two evils on Jessie J's final two artists, who is Becky Hill. At least I don't have to cringe every time I watch her and listen to her sing. I don't blame UK for choosing Vince, but I really do blame my self and my bad memories. The Voice UK Finals would have been very good if not for this very personal and psychological thing.

Team Tom: Leanne Mitchell

Leanne Mitchell performing Run to You

I was very sad for the fact that Ruth Brown didn't make it to the Finals. But in her stead we have another equally talented Leanne Mitchell. Team Tom definitely has some great artists and singers, that is why pity and sympathy are the things that drive me upon choosing my favorite from this team. I admit Ruth's latest performance, The Voice Within, wasn't her best, but it was still amazing.

Leanne Mitchell, The Voice UK
I was just anxious that The Voice would have to suffer the defect American Idol has: Overall package over Talent. I congratulate Leanne for making it to the Finals, no hard feelings there. She is just so lucky after almost leaving the show if not for Tom's choice when she belonged to the bottom three.

Team Danny: Bo Bruce

Bo Bruce performing Charlie Brown

Now, this is exciting. One of my three most favorite artists and singers on the show has made it to the Finals. This soulful artist has surely caught my attention even during the Blind Auditions. Even when I close my eyes every time she sings, it always feels like heaven. Her voice is one of the most unique voices in the show and I am happy she belonged to Team Danny since her talent was accentuated by Danny's coaching, or collaboration as Danny puts it.

Bo Bruce, The Voice UK
I really do pray she wins the competition. I have to be blunt and dense to say I really wanted her to win. Please vote for her, people. I just can't stand it when she will not win on the coming Finals. She not only has the Voice, but she has the looks to go along with it. She is by far the most marketable of the Final Four and that just makes it more probable for her to win.

Team Will.I.Am: Tyler James

Tyler James performing Bohemian Rhapsody

I have a thing with best friends, that is why when I heard Tyler James was a best friend of the late Amy Winehouse I sympathize for him. I know how hard it is to lose someone very close to you: family, friends and relatives and I just feel it in him. I can hear the hurt and vulnerability in his singing. It is just sad that UK has to make a choice between him and Jaz Ellington, who is also my favorite.

I guess Jaz has made his call and it's really time for him to leave the show. He has proven himself well and I am happy for him. I am also happy for Tyler knowing that some of my friends are egging for him to win. Whatever is the public's decision, then I will have to go with it. I have no power to change it after all.

Who is your bet for the coming finals of The Voice? Do you think he or she has got what it takes to be named as The Voice?