Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Top 5 Most Favorite Movie Villains of All Time


A friend of mine almost always likes villains rather than the protagonist of any movie. He seldom favors the main characters and go for the wicked and kick-ass characters that made the lives of the former either miserable, uncomfortable and sometimes short-lived.

I never told anyone until now that I do have a liking of villains also, but I usually kept it a secret, thinking that it would convict me in any way. But after seeing today's generation -- going on the dark side -- I guess I would have to admit that I am just like anybody else, someone who has a secret admiration on villains.

Here are the top five movie villains that I know of whom I admire:

1. Lord Voldemort - Ralph Fiennes

Even the mention of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's real name brings horror to those who hear it and only a few dare to do so during his reign. He is the most powerful wizard of all, except maybe Dumbledore, who even admitted that Voldemort knows powers that he could not even use because he is too noble. Voldemort strikes like a snake and doesn't even have sympathy even to his allies. He has the illusion to rule the world, all of magical and Muggles alike. Lucky for us we have one young wizard who will deliver us all from this doom. He is ready to kill anyone to achieve power and he even did Dark sorcery just to achieve immortality, which in the end he haven't really achieved.

2. Darth Vader - James Earl Jones (old) , Hayden Christensen (young)

We were all been fooled that Anakin Skywalker would somehow achieve his reprieve at the end of the Star Wars series. But unfortunately for us he has absolutely come to the Dark Side, no matter how Hayden played him to have a humanity. Now this once admirable Jedi has become the villain of all galaxies that puts a scare to everyone who hears his huff and puff when he breaths. Nothing from the burnt body of this villain wrapped in his austere black headdress, suit and cape to his baritone voice is pleasing. He would allow no one to stop him, not even his very own son.

3. Wicked Witch of the West - Margaret Hamilton

The same friend of mine considers The Wizard of Oz as one of his most favorite books, unfortunately for him he haven't seen the Judy Garland classical movie adaptation, which happens to be a part of my classical movie collections. The way I see it, nothing stops The Wicked Witch of the West -- along with her legions of flying monkeys -- from gaining everything she wanted. Her high pitched voice and laugh are a hair-raiser that is maybe why she brings nightmares to millions of children worldwide. She is so evil that a book and play titled Wicked has been set for her honor simply to justify her wickedness. Lucky for Dorothy, the main character of the movie, she has a home to save her, I mean literally.

4. Joker - Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger has pushed acting to 200% on playing the treacherous Joker. He has been living up to the character even when they are not shooting The Dark Knight movie. Lucky for us we have seen how really good he was in embodying evil that I believed he should have won an Academy Award for it. Unlucky for him, it was the cause of his untimely death years ago. Nolan's more realistic take of the Batman Universe has added up to the menace of the Joker as seen on the screen. We can almost get into his very believable back story compared to the sci-fi-ish treatment of his character in old Batman movie adaptations and comics alike.

5. Magneto - Ian McKellen

Coming from the Marvel Universe this time, I always think Magneto is the best villain that graced the cinema. Not even the latest portrayal of Loki, which I thought was a very lousy character (but not the characterization), could outmatch him. Unlike Loki, he has conviction and has the power and means to achieve his goal. He was once a good guy working closely together with Xavier (Professor X), but due to some corruption of the mind and the airs of having great powers eventually lead him to the villainous lot. Thankfully, Sir Ian McKellen has amplified this evilness through his portrayal that nothing more a fan could really wish for.

Did you find your favorite villain in the list? If not, who are your most favorite movie villains of all time?