Friday, May 18, 2012

What's Hot: Jennifer Lopez Sexy Vogue Photoshoot 2012

Jennifer Lopez Vogue

She's in her forties yet this delightful American Idol Judge proves to us that she still got the hots. Believe me! Jennifer Lopez poses sexy on Vogue as she did an interview about her life and career. As seen on this picture she still retained her youthful -- almost Latin look -- and makes every man sizzle.

If you are watching her closely then you might have seen her how she strut her booty in her latest American Idol performance of Dance Again on the show's result night on May 10. And you might have heard also that she is included in Forbes Celebrity 100 list, which obviously if you sum it up just announced that she is hot and also very rich.

Check out some pictures from J.Lo's Vogue photo shoot:

You could also checkout the outtakes of the photo shoot here:

And unless you haven't seen here Dance Again performance, you could simply watch it here:

I hope you liked the sexy photos as you've seen from Jennifer Lopez's Vogue photo shoot.