Monday, May 28, 2012

Scarlett Johansson: Avengers Vs. Iron Man Black Widow Look

Scarlett Johansson

Sometimes I am very critical about movie continuity. That is why I was a little hesitant when I heard that Mark Ruffalo would replace Edward Norton to play the modern Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Bruce Banner, who becomes the incredible Hulk when he gets angry. We can blame this of course to the varying directors and sometimes the actors availability, not to mention the Studios' and producers' bratty I-rule-this-movie behavior.

Although I have to say sometimes these changes can bring about great improvements on the movie, sometimes they just don't. But some other times it could also bring about indecision among viewers whether they liked the changes or not. Take Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow look on The Avengers against the one in Iron Man 2.

I really can't decide which one I liked better:


There are some certain aspects in the former that I liked very much and there are some which I don't like that much either. Same is true with the second picture. All I can say they are not perfect as a whole, but when certain elements from the first and second be combined maybe Black Widow would have seen a better day. No offense to Miss Scarlett Johansson...

What I like about the first image taken from Iron Man is her almost innocent look (and the plunging neckline). That would be a shocker for any opponent thinking she would be easily taken down because of her innocent look. The only fail is the almost cheap and un-lustrous costume, which does not even have character, or appeal. It's just the material, but the cut of the dress is fantastic of course.

In the second picture, I almost already hated her cocky look: there is simply no mystery. The hair would have been better if it's a little longer, but not as long as the first. What I liked about this one is the somehow expensive look to her costume that is still functional and sleek. Even the belt gives more character.

In short, this is what I wanted her to look like (pardon my photo editing skills):

I hope to see this on the next movie where she will be part of. Please....


ef said...

Though it's an old post from May 2012 and I just read it, but yes, I agree with your opinion. From the Iron Man 2 i saw such a beautiful fighter with martial arts skill - I definitely have no idea what kind of martial art style she has, but when I see in Avenger she is more like a hitman, a persuasive person who has a skill to kill enemy. Somehow she lost the beauty in Avenger, though she look awesome in killing enemies.

It's not I don't like Scarlett in Avengers - I'm still a big fan of her. It's just Black Widow in Iron Man 2 was more sexy, beauty, and very fascinating.

Maybe her curly long re hair and her skin color contribute the most in her appearance in Iron Man 2.

Hope we can get more Marvel movies that include Scarlett as Black Widow.